Living in an Empty Flat in Brooklyn

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Oh yayyyyy!!!! I made it from London to the Big Apple after an amazing leaving drink and one hour of sleep. The journey from Newark airport, New Jersey, to my final destination was epic as my phone refuses to connect to the American wifi. So I had to rely on the good souls – and the bad ones – to guide me to BedStuy, Brooklyn. I am a hit everywhere I go with my rainbow fake fur coat. A gentleman on the street kindly agreed to lend me his phone so I warn α² that I had arrived. He handed me the keys to my empty new flat. Empty flat in Brooklyn is the best kind of accommodation one can dream of.

It went to Manhattan in the evening to meet α for a chanting mantra class at the Laughing Lotus yoga studio. The floor was covered with glitter as there had been a ‘Glitter mash up’ class the night before. We all sung and someone was sparkling glitter on people with a glitter shaker. I already found the café around the corner which will be my HQ.

Today I stuffed my face with New York bagels. It has just started snowing.

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