Working on Broadway


I always knew I’d end up working on Broadway in this life. I used to believe it would be more of a musical-orientated career, but then I found out that they only cast black people in The Lion King so I got myself this office job.

I am based in SoHo, closed to the Zara shop (yak). The office is beyond weird. It is a mini 30 people office on the 9th floor of a huge building with ugly lights but good-hearted people. The office next door is the Elton John Aids Foundation. I need a key to go to the toilets which doesn’t make it a fun break anymore. The coffee machine makes me want to cry. I have to start the day with blueberry flavoured capsule coffee or even worse, chocolate glazed doughnut flavoured coffee. Almost makes me miss London, but then I step out of the building and look right and I see the Chrysler Building in the skyline and its beauty in the sunset strikes my eye.

I wasn’t prepared for the snow with my funky shoes. Cool black dudes still hit on me all day long because of my fur coat – I love it! Yesterday a 8 year-old cute black kid timidly told me that he liked my shoes.

Last night, I crashed a kinky class at the Columbia University and tonight, I am going on a pilgrim to the Stonewall Inn. Oh yeah! To be continued.

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