Mantra for Miracles


On Thursday I received multiple gifts from the universe.

First I found out that my tax penalty of £100 for delayed filing was cancelled. The British Inland Revenue and Customs had sent me a “love letter” only a few days before I took off to NYC. I disputed the £100 fine with a very far fetched excuse (“Didn’t you receive my letter saying I am no longer self employed?“) They bought my lie (hope they won’t read this post) and cancelled the fine. Hurray! I immediately decided to make a gift to someone to forward the happiness.

In the afternoon I tried to order online funky wedges Converse with golden studs but they didn’t like my debit card with a billing address in the UK so I couldn’t process the payment. A few hours later I tried to purchase them again with α’s card and in the meantime they had gone down by 25$! Every time my online payments have failed there was an excellent reason behind it.

After work I went to kundalini yoga and there was a ridiculously red and shiny iPhone case on the reception table, with a note saying “For iPhone 4. Free. Please take!” I’ve been going with a naked iPhone since January because I refuse to put money in buying one. I knew I would eventually be given one or find one. Et voilà! Just my style, barrocco and showy. The other day they were giving away a bunch of plants “who needed love and shelter” at the yoga center. I took a pot of pansies for α².

The yoga class was about angels and we sang the mantra for miracles, focusing on a specific challenge in our life that needs a good lift from the cosmos. I thought about all the people who helped me on my way to make the NYC adventure possible. I visualized this human chain of people being kind and supportive, one after the other.

I am grateful for the gifts and the people.

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