Dancer In The Dark


In April, my faith took a break in the dark.

I spent most of my free time sleeping, not out of tiredness but out of general demotivation.

Then, I got the visit of a bunch of old friends who revived me to the core. My main husband λ came with his husband and we laughed and giggled. We went for a casual Sunday walk and ended up on an adventure in the middle of a magical forest and in the fields. The three of us together bought the most WTF dress ever, original vintage from the 50s & rainbow coloured. It was in the window of a gift shop with no price tag on it, because they probably never expected to sell it. It certainly did have a tag with my name though. I now deserve my own float at the Gay Pride, as the Godmother surannée of all the gay people in the world. I feel that the dress needs a second life after being stuck in the conventions of its original era – but after all what do I know? Maybe it was worn by the inventor of LSD.

I went with λ for a walk on a golf course in the WTF dress (there’s no better way to describe it) and I got stuck in brambles. He had to rescue me. He told me off because I wear my unbelievable clothes in the wrong context. He doesn’t know what it feels like to spin in a fluffy dress in the nature though.

α3, one of my iconic American friends, dropped me a kiss in London in between planes. We were 5 people for my queen size bed so I made a sleeping rota.

I’m writing this at Heathrow airport. My flight to Tel Aviv is delayed. Airports and transportations of all type are my favourite places to write. As soon as I feel the motion, ideas hit my head.

I woke up at 5am and headed to London City Airport. I saw the industrial buildings of the docks bathed in the light of the early morning. I remembered the couple of months when I lived there last summer. I’m more aligned with myself now.

At the airport, adrenaline for the adventure finally kicked in. I saw on a TV screen that it’s Eurovision tonight. Eurovision in Tel Aviv! I never forgot Dana International in her Gaultier dress with wings.

My first flight was delayed by 3 hours so British Airways gave me a food voucher and put me on a taxi to Heathrow with a bag of goodies and another guy heading to Israel as well. We had the best sightseeing tour of London ever, following the Thames river and admiring the legendary monuments. We got stuck in traffic by Big Ben at 10am sharp, so we could enjoy the sound of the bells. I hadn’t heard it since I moved back here in 2010.

I told the guy that I loved being a tourist in my city, to justify the silly pictures I was taking.

Now, that’s it, my flight is delayed again. I’m wearing my Virgin Mary earrings for protection as my colleague told me “Have a blast in Israel!” when I left work last night. It made me laugh. I’m not really scared.

My main worry now is that I’m going to miss the opening ceremony of the Eurovision.


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