Women United @ Joshua Tree

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Eight women between 7 months and 58 years old leaving civilization for a week to reunite in the Joshua Tree desert, somewhere in California.

Five university friends with tortuous yet fabulous life paths, indefectible friendship, strong will and artistic personalities, who committ to gather every October.

A 58 year old lesbian aunt with down-to-earth daily wisdom like: ‘I can complicate a fart if I want to”.

An inspiring single mum who should give motherhood lessons from the way she looks after her daughter.

A 30th birthday on the 30th of the month.

A campy Catholic/Amerindian decorated AirBnb house where the pepper mill is shaped as Jesus.

A pool, a trailer, a tepee, BB guns, a horse shoes game, an old Chevrolet truck, a fire pit and a shipping container turned into an outdoors dormitory.

Sand and Joshua trees as far as your eyes can see.

The vivid light of America.

A sun eclipse & a full moon.

Crêpes, margaritas and magic mushrooms.

Laughter and tears and more laughter.

Climbing rocks in the burning sun, hunting for a mysterious art piece.

Japanese face masks, script writing, ukulele playing and photo shoots in improbable outfits.

Taking turns exposing our annual life goals around the fire. Comparing them to the goals we had last year. Evaluating how much we’ve progressed or how much we got thrown off our expectations.

Driving to Pappy + Harriet’s bar for an open mic night. Trying a shortcut and ending up chased by German shepherds after getting lost off road.

Challenging each other all day long with a silly dice game, e.g. “If I roll a 2, you have to ask the base player of the band to sign your boob”. (Guess who got an autograph down her cleavage?)

Sunbathing all together in bikini. Then topless. Then bottomless.

Letting out our brave chests the things that we can never express in the regular world, because we are tough girls and we have tough responsibilities, and people usually don’t like our weaknesses even though they say and believe the opposite.

Creating an inspiration and safety tank where we can embrace our individual and our collective beautiful mess, which will lead us all to an awesome place one day.


2 thoughts on “Women United @ Joshua Tree

  1. At least once a year my friends and I will rent out an artists compound in Joshua Tree and do much the same: connect, support, be our authentic selves. It delights me when I discover others doing the same. The place is magic, as are the people who converge there. Love what you’ve shared.


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