Welcome To The Human Disco


As a sweet proof of my softening, I am changing my site title from Fuck You I Rock The World to Welcome to the Human Disco. Yeah Yeah, I’ve been on fuck you mode for that last… 20 years? Or maybe since I was born. That’s 31 years of anger without knowing why.

I am attending a 5 Rhythms dance workshop with Kate Shela this week end. She was my first 5 Rhythms teacher 9 years ago, when I was still a kid with big cheeks living in Brighton.

Yesterday evening after 3 hours of violent sweat, Kate wrapped up the class trying to summarise what the 5 Rhythms practice is about – which I also struggle with to explain people who’ve never experienced it. She was like: “Fuck the spiritual bullshit! Welcome to the Human Disco!” and everyone in the room laughed. I got instantly seduced by the expression. It says it all.

I immediately started designing my 5 Rhythms teacher flyer in my head with this as a header. It is a perfect motto for a Master of Ceremony. So there we are. ‘Welcome’ advantageously replaces ‘Fuck You’.

There is a guy dancing the Rhythms in London whom I’ve been seeing around. I don’t know his name or anything about him. I only know his vibe. He was there last night. He’s my chaos mate. Chaos is the rhythm of sadness – it is the one with highest level of energy, which brings people to trance. This mysterious stranger & I are building a super intense unspoken relationship. I always chaos near him because we have the same interpretation of this rhythm, the same musicality.

Last night during the dance, I turned around and I saw him. We were doing the same thing, but on another rhythm, without even being influenced by each other. I love the idea that someone lives up the 5 Rhythms at the same pace as me. Does that mean that we would get along well, or that we have energetic similarities? Does that make us compatible or incompatible?

When we are in the same class and chaos is coming, I know we are instinctively seeking for each other. We follow our energetic attraction and trance together in the unspoken. When we’re done, we get apart without looking at each other. I have never seen his gaze. He doesn’t know the colour of my eyes. I have never heard his voice. I love that we know the most important about each other without having ever exchanged one word.

I noticed his absence today. I start having an ambiguous attraction for him. But based on what? I observe him à la dérobée and I find him beautiful in stillness too.

I think we are avoiding each other outside the dance floor, because it would be awful to ruin the myth with a casual conversation. His voice might be horrible. He might hate my trashy jokes. We’ll fatally have to say something at some point if we frequent the same classes over and over. One day he’ll overhear my name or I’ll overhear him speak. Will we still be chaos lovers after reality hits us?

I am curious and positively excited as to where this is going to go.