“Sidereal” Has The Same Etymology As “Desire”

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I love this photo series, just for its narrative. I suspect that Mysterious Purple Umbrella Guy coming closer in the background totally made the move on purpose for the beauty of the picture. At the very last second, he extended his arm so the umbrella appeared right above the head of the subject. I miraculously caught it.

That’s my lil bro being portrayed. He’s 24.

He almost passed away in February but didn’t say a thing about it.

I got the news from my mum months later, in my birthday letter. “By the way, you’re the last one of the family not to know that your brother almost died in a car crash where 2 of his best friends died.”

My bro was sitting on the good side.

The same week, another girl I knew almost died in a car crash and a 29 year old girl at work came back with no hair and no breasts. That was Survivor Week.

I’ve been questioning the randomness of life and death even more since then.

I’ve always been sidereally fascinated by survivor stories. (Did you know that “sidereal” has the same etymology as “desire”?) Who survives around others who die, and why? I’ve been obsessed with the Holocaust literature since I was 7.

My brother came to visit me in London for the first time last week.

I didn’t want to let show anything about the fact that I could have never seen him again. We didn’t talk about “it” explicitly or implicitly. I took him on urban adventures instead.

Last Monday, it heavily hailed.  We wanted to go play bowling in Brick Lane but the tube never showed up so we got out of the underground and decided to get locally lost in NW10.

The sky cleared and the sun appeared after a few steps on the street. All of a sudden, there it was. The most insanely beautiful rainbow I’ve ever seen: huge double full arch, sparkling fluorescent colours. It was so surreal that I was expecting to see unicorns, Judy Garland or My Little Pony gambolling on it.

That’s the happiest I felt in a long time, wandering in Unicorns Land. I was ecstatically jumping like a frog and forced my bro to take a million pictures.

I want to have kids because I think they would be the only ones able to understand my level of enthusiasm for stuff like that. Anyone above 18 is already too blasé for my standards.

I have such an untouched potential for pure joy.



Karaoke & Unicorns


I sing karaoke only in America (almost).

My last US karaoke night was in Roswell (Aliens Town) with H. Everybody in the room hated us. We sang our heart out and there was a deadly silence at the end of our songs. Only one lady clapped her hands and H pointed her out and said: “This lady liked it!”, which she probably got excommunicated from Alien town for. It is punishable there to show support to two blonde girls in a California Jeep. We left town after our masterful flop and we screamed in the car for hours in the middle on the night.

I went singing again in Queens on Thursday with α, α² and α4.

I Total Eclipse of the Heart-ed it with α (our eternal hit), Depeche Mode-d it with α² – it was fun singing to him “You treat me like a dog, get me down on my knees”. I was going to Lady Gaga it with α4 but we left.

My only issue is that ALL Americans have singing voices, so even the average bar on a week day has competition standards. Therefore I have 2 rules: 1/ Never sing alone 2/Shake your hair a lot, they will forget about the rest.

There was a very weird girl who turned up alone in a duffle coat, winter hat and sunglasses, which she didn’t take off all night. We all thought she was a celebrity trying to live the life of the simple people, so we expected a masterpiece performance. She wasn’t a famous singer for sure, unless she was purposely disastrous not to be recognized. Her gestures were also very unusual. Who moves like that? She was quite something. We all instantly became very big fans so we were disappointed to miss her last number.  But we had to leave.

After strange karaoke night, I had one of the best dreams of my life. I was in a magical ranch with α and we were cuddling white horses. Suddenly a white horse passed by very fast outside the window. I had time to see its horn. It was very small, so not everyone could see it unless they had magical eyes. I was overexcitingly telling α: ‘Oh my God! I’ve just seen a unicorn!’ Unicorns is our favourite discussion topic, we aim to discover where they live some day. Then, I saw a second unicorn with tiny horn too, so I understood we were in the Land of Unicorns. And finally I saw a pink horse.

New York makes me sweat glitter in my sleep.